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Photo workshop

Personal Mentor

  • For you who are in the beginning of your photography journey

  • I will give you tools for a good start

  • You will get all my tips and what worked for me to start from the scratch

  • 4 hours individual session with me (divided in two parts)  

  • Lightroom and Photoshop session

  • 3.500 DKK including my three personal presets for Lightroom

Photo workshop


  • Ideal for all levels photographers

  • For you who want to network with other photographers, models and make-up artist 

  • For you who are in lack of inspiration 

  • For you who search for your own personal style 

  • From 500 DKK (price depends on set up of the workshop)

Photo workshop

Portrait editing

  • One hour video personal session with me 

  • All my tips and tricks in Lightroom and Photoshop 

  • 1.500 DKK including my three personal presets for Lightroom 

Photo workshop

Strategy for photographers

  • Do you feel yourself confident and did you get already some good results in photography? 

  • Do you want to make your portfolio work on you - so you can start to earn money on photography?

  • But you still don't know where to start?

  • I will help you with your strategy, so you can start to earn money. 

  • 2 hours personal meeting or video call for 2.500 DKK  

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